Yvonne Layton, Winter Park

Dr Ben has been taking care of my mom ( Geraldine ) and my aunt ( Monica ) for 4 years now. I have been extremely happy. I recently recommended my uncle and he is now a patient as well. Dr Ben is very professional, knowledgable, caring and sympathetic. He is very loving not just to his patients but to everybody, including me. His staff are very pleasant to deal with. Very nice and helpful. I can always rely on them to get me through my difficult times, which I had many of. I can go on and on but all you would hear are good things.I am very grateful that I was blessed to have them by my side whenever I need them. Thank you for always being there for me.

Neil Barnhart, Orlando

Great doctor. My mom has been a patient since 2008. They take care of her very well and with the experience she had with them made me go Dr Jay. He is very thorough. The staff are equally great. They have been excellent to me.

Yolanda Torres, Orlando

Dr Ben is marvelous. I will never change PCP. He is very professional. The whole office have been the best and professional. He takes his time with his patients. You would hear patients talking saying the staff is very helpful, professional and educated. The doctors are great and caring. For me to hear all of these from other patients, it says a lot. Very pleased with everything.

Bettie Hall, Winter Park

I am a patient of Dr Jay and my son Shawn is a patient of Dr Ben. They are both very good. We are very pleased with them, and wouldn’t trade them for the world. They are very compassionate and concerned. They do not rush and that makes us feel very important. They always make time for us. My husband Roy Hall is patient too. If it wasn’t for the immediate care of the doctors, I feel he could have died. I’m sold to the Alilin Family Medicine. I don’t know any other doctor as good as them